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Clozd is diving deeper into why companies win and lose. Each episode explores win/loss issues and looks for ways to improve and win more.
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Why They Buy Podcast
Clozd is the leader in win-loss analysis. We run automated, comprehensive, and insightful win-loss programs for hundreds of major B2B companies. These programs provide powerful data about why these companies win and lose sales deals. This data is gathered from in-depth buyer interviews conducted by our team of exceptional consultants, sales rep surveys, and buyer surveys. After years of gathering buyer feedback for our clients we've seen strong trends about why buyers buy. We call these Decision Drivers. This podcast is dedicated to understanding buying Decision Drivers and how to improve them if they are hurting your win rate.
episode 01
3 Steps To Building A Rock-Solid Business Case for Buyers with Nate Nasralla
As salespeople, we often do a great job building a business case, and presenting it to our buyers. But we rarely do a good job equipping our buyers with the ability to make a strong internal business case to sell to their intern...
episode 02
How to Create Trust With Buyers with Stephen Messer
After members of Congress, sales and business executives are the least trusted profession in America. So, if trust is key to selling, and people inherently distrust salespeople, how can you generate trust with buyers?
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