Your Winning Advantage: Storytelling

Winning deals is a lot like dating, and all too often, your potential customers just aren’t that into you. Does that mean something is inherently wrong with your business? Strong brands that win deals (B2B, B2C, B2B2C, etc.) have mastered the art of storytelling. In a world of cluttered slack messages and overflowing email inboxes, storytelling can help your brand standout, be memorable, and ultimately win more business—regardless of how your product stacks up in the market. This session will outline some tips, tricks, and examples for how you can master the unfair advantage of storytelling to better position your products and services and ultimately help your business punch above its weight.

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Ethan Prete
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Ethan Prete leads product marketing for both the fintech and banking business verticals at MX technologies. He's responsible for identifying the gaps, growth opportunities, and competitive intelligence that will help MX reach its vision of enabling the world to be financially strong. MX is a billion-dollar fintech company that has built the easiest ways for companies to connect their apps to financial accounts. Prior to MX, Ethan spent time with a global events company as well as working with brands like Cadillac and Marriott hotels.

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