Three Powerful Tips for a Winning SDR Org

Kyle Coleman, SVP of Marketing, gives some advice on how to be, lead, and support a winning SDR organization. Listen in for his tips for individual contributors, team leaders, and department leaders on how they can help create a winning SDR organization.

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Kyle Coleman
SVP of Marketing

Kyle’s foray into B2B tech sales started in 2013 when he joined Looker as the 6th employee. Over the next 6 years, he grew the SDR team from 1 to 60+ as the company scaled from $100k in ARR to $100m+, and was acquired by Google for $2.6b. Kyle is now the SVP of Marketing for Clari, a platform purpose-built to run revenue, where he leads Marketing, SDR, and Revenue Excellence. He’s an avid runner, a proud corgi owner, and is always looking to talk shop & trade best practices.

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