One Voice - Driving Consistent Messaging Across the Buyer’s Journey

Now more than ever, the B2B buying experience is taking place online, with multiple stakeholders, outside of your direct control. Research shows B2B buyers are 57% - 70% through their buying journey before they reach out to your sales team. So how do we ensure they’re hearing consistent messaging throughout their research, and ensure that messaging aligns to what they hear when they finally engage with your organization? Product Marketing is the answer.

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Ryan Lufkin
VP of Product Marketing

Ryan Lufkin is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Instructure, the makers of Canvas LMS. Mr Lufkin has two decades of experience in the edtech world working with every major technology schools use to deliver education, from the LMS (Canvas) to the SIS (Banner, Colleague) and all the systems in-between (CampusPipeline, SCT Luminis, DegreeWorks) to help colleges and universities build their digital campus. Mr. Lufkin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations/Communications from the University of Utah and certificates in Data Driven Marketing and Brand Management from eCornell.

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