How To Un-Silo Win-Loss Analysis Insights

Jordon Sargent, a sales leader at Clozd, talks through the benefits of having a system in place that can not only store your win-loss analysis data, but can help you easily decipher and use it to enact impactful business decisions. He’ll walk through the Clozd Platform to show how Clozd uses it to house data from multiple different sources.

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Jordon Sargent
Account Executive Team Lead

Jordon has been in software sales for 8 years and was the first external sales hire at Clozd. Starting in 2020, Jordon has helped sell and facilitate win-loss programs at world-class companies including VMware, ServiceTitan, Clari, Stripe, Virgin Media, and many others.

Jordon led the sales floor in 2021 with the most closed new business. His success has put him in a leadership role where he’s currently a player-coach, overseeing a team of five reps including his own quota. Outside of work, Jordon spends most of his time keeping his 3 hyperactive boys out of trouble and out of the hospital. He enjoys golfing, baseball, trail running, and anything outdoors.

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