How To Choose a Win-Loss Provider: A Buyer’s Perspective

Rex Galbraith is the SVP of Sales at Consensus, a provider of buyer enablement solutions for Presales teams. In this session, we talk to Rex about why he wanted to hire a third-party win-loss analysis provider, what their decision-making process was, what he expected, and how it’s stacking up a year later.

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Rex Galbraith
SVP of Sales

Rex has selling in his blood. It only took closing his first deal for him to be hooked. Selling quickly became his passion and he hasn't regretted it for a second. Rex feels extremely fortunate to have rubbed shoulders with peers and mentors who have taught him and shaped him into a successful professional. In fact, he has expanded his experience from selling as a rep to operating as a leader, which has allowed him to hire and train various Mid-Market and Enterprise Software sales teams. His fascination with sales led to a self-education crusade. Rex routinely finishes 2-3 personal improvement audiobooks a month to learn about the lifetime successes of the greatest sellers and leaders.

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