How to Build a Winning Strategy

With Decision Drivers given by Clozd, this panel will discuss those drivers and how they would combat/fix them to win more.

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Chris Adams
Head of Account Management

Chris has spent the last 15 years leading go to market functions at Qualtrics & ClickUp. He joined Qualtrics as the 11th employee and ultimately stayed until just before the Qualtrics' IPO in 2021. Throughout his time at the company he led a variety of different go to market functions and his last role was leading all of the strategic sales efforts for the CoreXM product line. Chris was able to drive critical sales efforts and participate in the Qualtrics' evolution from an early stage startup sales motion all the way to the maturity of a full enterprise sales motion at IPO. Chris has since joined ClickUp in early 2021 to help take the strong product lead growth that ClickUp had created virally to build a more refined enterprise sales motion. ClickUp has grown from $40M in ARR to over $100M in ARR in the last 12 months. Chris brings a unique blend of traditional enterprise sales experience mixed with a new muscle for product lead growth. He currently leads all of the customer install base sales and recently took on the leadership of the global customer success team as the Head of Account Management at ClickUp.

Esther Iyamu
Founder & Investor

Accomplished Silicon Valley tech veteran, ex-NFL and NBA Dancer, and entrepreneur, Esther Ayorinde Iyamu is known for her transformational Go-To-Market expertise, influence in tech, wellness advocacy, connected industry network, and business growth achievements. She is passionate about Business Development, Health-tech, equity & inclusion, Maternal Health, and growth in Africa.

Brian Stucki
Chief Operating Officer

Brian Stucki leads the Customer Experience (CX) Business at Qualtrics. He oversees the global strategy, growth, delivery, and operations of Qualtrics' customer experience offerings, which encompasses CustomerXM, BrandXM, and ProductXM. A longtime CX industry expert, Stucki joined Qualtrics in 2015 as the Head of Global Customer Success, leading the company's recurring business across all product lines and partnering closely with Qualtrics' largest clients. He also brings in-depth experience building and leading Qualtrics' technology delivery and services teams. Prior to Qualtrics, he was a management consultant at Bain & Company overseeing CX engagements for various global and Fortune 500 clients.

Spencer Dent

Spencer has extensive experience helping companies grow their revenues through global expansion, product line extension, and operational efficiency. He is the co-founder of Clozd, a premium win-loss services provider. Prior to Clozd, Spencer worked at Qualtrics where he was instrumental in defining its growth strategy and scaling global sales and marketing operations. Before Qualtrics, Spencer worked at Bain & Company, where he led projects that spanned Bain’s strategy, salesforce effectiveness, go-to-market, customer experience, and performance improvement practices. Spencer holds an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in finance from Brigham Young University.

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