Customer Connection = Customer Retention

Kathy Hassett Vice President, Customer Success & Renewals, and Nancy White, Vice President, Customer Success Programs and Operations have been taking a different approach to customer retention. Learn how they’re using win-loss strategies to retain customers and avoid churn.

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Nancy White
Vice President, Customer Success

Nancy White is a proven trusted advisor with more than 20 years of Sales Performance Management experience. Using data insights, she strategically collaborates with customers to ensure they receive maximum value from their Intelligent Revenue programs.

kathy hassett
Vice President, CS & Renewals

As Vice President of Customer Success and Renewals, Kathy leads a global team focused on driving customer success and positive customer experiences, while maintaining high renewal rates. By engaging customers as partners and helping them achieve their business outcomes, Kathy and her team ensure that customers continue to realize the value of their investment in Xactly year after year.

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