Creating Confident, Happy, Successful Sales Reps Through Powerful Rep Experiences

Learn how a Rep Experience framework can amp up a sales rep's energy and turn them into brand ambassadors that can drive scalable growth for your org.

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Kevin Jones
Sales Enablement Manager

Kevin Jones is an experienced sales enablement leader. He has a diverse background across industries and countries. His passion is helping salespeople discover a passion for selling. He loves spending time with reps to help unlock their full potential. He believes that all sales are innately #h2h, or human-2-human, before they are b2b or b2c. This perspective has given him enablement methodologies that work in a wide variety of organizations at all stages of growth. Kevin is currently the Sales Enablement Manager at Filevine. Before Filevine, he led sales enablement programs at Vivint. Kevin received his MBA from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah.

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