Changing the Way We Do Marketing Attribution

Trenton Romph is the Head of Marketing at Clozd. With more than ten years of experience in marketing he has seen firsthand the pros and cons of data-driven marketing based on several different attribution models. During his time at Clozd he has become a proponent of measuring marketing's impact from the buyer's perspective versus the often-times broken story that typical marketing attribution models show.

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Trenton Romph
Head of Marketing

Trenton is the Head of Marketing at Clozd. He started his career in architecture and design which taught him to think holistically about problem-solving and centering everything on the end user. He has been in marketing for over a decade with a broad range of roles like project management, demand gen, content, digital, director of marketing, web development, adjunct professor, and more. Trenton is also a marketing advisor to a private equity firm and consults with several businesses on their go-to-market motions.

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