Session Description

In this session Jonathan Stevens from Clozd will interview Sanjay Puri (VP of Product Marketing at Avalara) about his experience running an effective win/loss program. Sanjay will talk about the challenges, successes, and thoughts he has had from running a win/loss program at Avalara that has helped drive strategic change. He'll also share his experience of how win/loss helped Avalara identify that they were competing against the status quo more than they initially believed and will provide learnings for other companies confronting the same challenge.


Sanjay Puri

Sanjay is currently the VP of Product Marketing at Avalara. As a senior technology product strategist and leader, Sanjay has worked with brilliant entrepreneurs, colleagues, and executive teams over the years to successfully commercialize a wide range of breakthrough technology offerings—spanning roles with innovative startups and mid-sized growth companies, as well as top global enterprise / B2B organizations.