Session Description

If you ignore what your buyers and customers tell you, don't be surprised if your revenue engine breaks down. At every stage, pre- and post-sale, insights are there for you and nowhere near as hard to find as a great mechanic. In this session, we'll talk about common revenue engine issues and how insights not only prevent a crash but actually accelerate your business impact.


Megan Heuer

Megan Heuer is VP, Strategic Initiatives at Winning by Design, the #1 customer-rated go-to-market consultancy. She helps companies deliver growth through exceptional customer impact and profitable recurring revenue models.

As a b2b leader with more than 20 years in industry and professional services roles, Megan knows first-hand how new ideas, technologies, and well-managed change can improve business results. Before Winning by Design, Megan was VP of Marketing at Engagio (acquired by Demandbase). She also led the Research and Advisory organization at B2B analyst firm SiriusDecisions (acquired by Forrester).

Megan held consulting roles at Gartner, Satmetrix and The Peppers and Rogers Group, as well as sales and marketing practitioner roles in the technology, business services and industrial supply and manufacturing industries.