Session Description

So, how did the negotiation go? It's tempting to assume it went well if we got what we wanted or didn't feel the need to give away too much. But maybe it could have gone better, not only in protecting the perceived value of our solution, but in establishing that value in the first place. Join Spencer Wixom from Challenger as he explores some hidden elements in complex deal negotiations and how you might test for these in win-loss analysis to better set your salespeople up for success.


Spencer Wixom

Spence Wixom is the Chief Customer Officer at Challenger. He’s been part of the Challenger journey since its inception within CEB in 2008, researching and developing the concept and implementing it in organizations large and small around the world. Prior to joining Challenger, Spence worked in investment banking and real estate. He lives with his wife and three children in Dallas, TX.