Session Description

Considering a win-loss program? Is your current win-loss program sort of, well, meh? Join us as we review best practices we've gathered from hundreds of companies. We'll dive into the nitty gritty, help you avoid common pitfalls, and give you the insight (and ammo) you need to help your company close more deals. This session is specifically designed for leaders in revenue and sales operations.


Austin Bankhead

Austin has worked in B2B Revenue Operations, Sales and Marketing for over 18 years and has built revenue operations functions at two unicorn companies.

Prior to founding Unicorn Revenue Operations, Austin led sales operations at Snap Finance, where he drove changes to career paths, coverage, compensation, performance management, and training that enabled Snap to hire over 70 Sales and Client Success reps, achieve triple digit revenue growth, and secure a large capital infusion.

Before Snap Finance, Austin led sales operations at Qualtrics, where he built a 40-person global sales operations team that supported an industry-leading global sales organization. From 2013 to 2018, Qualtrics sales org grew from 70 to 800 people and generated 40-50% YoY revenue growth, resulting in an $8 billion acquisition by SAP.

Prior to Qualtrics, Austin held senior marketing roles at Adobe where he helped launch executive marketing, business value consulting, and industry marketing teams. Before Adobe, he held CMO roles at two early-stage B2B healthcare start-ups and led a range of strategic sales, marketing, and product initiatives at La Quinta. Austin’s early career was shaped at Price Waterhouse and McKinsey & Company. He earned his MBA from the University of Chicago and received a degree in Accounting from BYU.