Session Description

B2B product marketers are the conductors of their companies' orchestra. We unify product, marketing, sales, and customer success to produce a harmonic story for our target audience. The role of a product marketer as the conductor is most apparent when companies want to launch a product. After all, a product launch is a complex "score" with many inter-dependent instruments and functions required to act in harmony to ensure its successes. This panel of product marketing leaders explores how to keep all those teams in sync to effectively launch a new product.


Rowan Noronha

Rowan is a widely respected product marketing leader and founder of the Product Marketing Community (the world's first and only not-for-profit community for b2b product marketing executives).

For close to 20 years, Rowan has created and executed product marketing strategies for brands like SAP, Cognizant, Zix, Gong, Bizzabo, and more.

Eric Thum

Eric is the Senior Director of Product Marketing & Global Strategic Launches at Salesforce. He has been at Salesforce since 2016 and built and led the Cross-Product Marketing team. Currently, he is leading a new team focused on strategy and global execution of Salesforce's most important, market-moving launches.

Ryane Bohm

Ryane is the Director of Product Marketing at Gong and an adjunct professor at Loyola University Chicago. She was named one of the "10 Top Women in IoT Marketing" by Connected World, and a "Top 50 Most Influential Women in IoT" by the IoT Institute. Her resume includes working at brands like GE, Apple, and Salesforce prior to Gong.

Jason Smith

Jason is the CEO at Klue and is an expert on competitive enablement for enterprise sales. Jason has had many successful startup experiences as cofounder, investor, or early employee. His experience spans leading sales, marketing, product, and service teams. Jason also received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.