Session Description

Clozd’s win/loss data shows many ways sales team performance influences won and lost deals. We’ve categorized those reasons into sales empathy and communication, sales process and follow-up, and demo quality, sales knowledge, or expertise. This expert panel from RevGenius will discuss strategies to diagnose and correct problems that arise in these areas.


Jared Robin

Jared is the co-founder of revgenius a sales, marketing, revops, and customer success community that at the time of writing this was 16k members big.

Asia Corbett

Operations professional with strong bias towards process and how solid processes lead to a healthy revenue generating team.

Dale Zwizinski

Dale Zwizinski is an energetic, top-performing sales leader who is passionate about the technology field. He has more than 25 years of experience in international sales and is known for his ability to grow and enhance business. Dale works with innovative technologies to evangelize using his executive-level business, communication, and presentation skills.

Jordan Henderson

An attorney by education, he has a unique background in revenue operations, sales enablement, sales operations, strategic planning, and project management. Since entering the tech world Jordan has worked cross functionally with sales, marketing, and customer success to maximize selling time and minimize non revenue generating activities. At ringDNA, Jordan leads a best-in-class revenue operations organization that uses data-driven decisions and real-time sales enablement technology to exceed reps and maximize sales impact.