Session Description

Win/Loss Analysis is essential to almost every part of your business. From understanding what customers and potential customers like or didn't like about your product, to how your marketing and selling your product, there's plethora information to be gathered from this analysis—if you do it right. In this conversation, Pragmatic Institute instructor Paul Young will dive into the 5 areas that you need to focus on to get the most out of your win/loss analysis: - Partnering with sales (but don't let them go it alone) - Do it at the right point in time - Start with your wins - Ask the right questions to map the Buyer's Journey - Think about separating the win/loss interviews from the analysis. See how these 5 tips can help your win/loss analysis be more successful and yield better insights for your team.


Paul Young

Paul Young has more than a decade of experience in hardware, software and services product management and marketing. During his career, Paul has launched and managed dozens of products, started his own business and successfully implemented the Pragmatic Framework at several companies. His focus on building market-driven teams gives him a unique ability to relate to product management teams and executives that are transforming their business.